Montage Sequence #4 - Bluesky, memos and a round up

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About a month ago, I published a collection of corporate memos I had collected over the years and was honestly quite blown away by the reaction. The best part of it has been the dozens of people who have reached out with suggestions, feedback or the best kind of email - awesome new memos.

If you haven’t checked it out, go see In the last month, I’ve added memos from Thomas Watson Jr. of IBM, Ken Olsen of DEC, multiple memos from Facebook and much more.


Twitter and Jack Dorsey published an intriguing proposal to build a decentralized open standard for Twitter. I find this topic fascinating especially for what it could mean to build modular implementations of the various parts of a social platform. I wrote up a longer post here. I urge you to read both Jack’s tweets and Stephen Wolfram and Mike Masnick’s long pieces on this topic.

What am I reading/watching/doing

  1. “Family Man” on Amazon is a really well done Indian espionage thriller series. Props to the makers for tackling some very touchy issues but also done with humor. They overdo it by the end of the series but the long tracking shot action sequences really work.

  2. “Watchmen”. You’ve probably heard this a zillion times so I won’t repeat it. It’s amazing and they’ve pulled off something magical.

  3. “Slow Horses” by Mick Herron: Think Le Carre but updated to 2019 and done with humor. My new favorite espionage series.

  4. CS231n: Now that I have some free time post Twitter, I decided to finally get into CNNs and deep learning and have been working through this Stanford course. I was also heavily influenced by John Carmack’s endorsement - if it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for me!

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