ANN: The Observer Effect

Hey everyone.

My newsletter has been on a bit of a hiatus recently as I’ve been tied up with other projects. I’m excited to be able to share one that launched this weekend (apologies if you’ve already seen this) - “The Observer Effect”.

It’s a series of interviews with interesting leaders on how they operate and how they spend their time. We kick off with the one and only Marc Andreessen who talks about how he allocates times, reads, learns and his infamous “build” essay and much more. As always, send me any thoughts or feedback.

P.S If you’re on this list and seeing this email, you’re already subscribed to any new interviews going forward from the Observer Effect. I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage my newsletter audience and felt it was highly likely anyone who wants to read me here will also want read those, especially given they. If you do want to unsubscribe from the interviews which show up about once a month or so, just hit unsubscribe when you see the next one there.

P.P.S This newsletter should resume soon too!


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